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Technology Watch

  New Rules for Business - Gaining Competitive Advantage via Information Technology:

For over 25 years, Cherniak Software has been helping its clients with technologies / facilities of the sort Mr. Gates is discussing (among others). If you want to improve your business, call Cherniak Software to take maximum advantage of the avenues that can have the maximum impact for you.
Love him or hate him, Bill Gates is a bright guy with a lot of insight into the use of information technology in business.
In his new book "Business @ the Speed of Thought", he sets forth his set of 12 New Rules for business (presented here essentially as excerpted by Time Magazine.
  Need Help Reading Your Screen?

We have watched somewhat helplessly as a few (a very few) of our clients with vision problems have struggled with our systems. A new product profiled in Fortune Magazine (August 3, 1998) may bring some help to these people and the many others who have had trouble taking full advantage of the great benefits that are provided by today's sophisticated information systems.

Sites Worth Watching

The PC Guide: A treasury of the latest and greatest along with many helpful hints, maintained by a former Cherniak Software Staff member.

Last Updated: March 24, 2017