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Smalltalk Solutions 98 Conference Comments


2. General Comments

3. Keynotes

3.1 "Smalltalk Means Business" (Andy Parrish)
3.2 "Quietly Doing the Hard Stuff" (Randy Best)
3.3 "The Reality of Smalltalk in a PDA"

4. The Sessions
4.1 M2 Creating Design Patterns in Smalltalk (Bobby Woolf & Kyle Brown)
4.2 M5 Understanding Transparency in Distributed Systems (Martin McClure)
4.3 T6 Designing and Building Server Objects (Jay Almarode)

4.4 W4 Engineering Solutions in Smalltalk (Jeff McKenna)

4.5 W7 Integrating Frameworks, Patterns, Smalltalk and Java (Bobby Woolf)
4.6 TH8 Reflective Programming in Smalltalk (Brian Foote)

4.7 TH3 Secrets to Developing with Frameworks (Don Roberts)

4.8 TH12 Strategies When You Have to Work Outside of Smalltalk (Harvey Gunther)
Last Updated: March 24, 2017