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Planning for the Millennium:
Cherniak Does It Right the First Time!

As we get closer to the year 2000, it will be more and more important to be able to deal properly with dates with full 4 digit years. To deal properly with dates beyond 1999, it is necessary for a system to allow the entry of dates beyond 1999 (and not assume "JAN 1/1901" if someone enters the date "1/1/01"). It is also necessary to properly sequence them in date-based reports: You don't want a report that shows the leases ending in years "01", "02", "03" to come before those ending in "97", "98", "99".

For many systems, this will be a problem. In fact, literally millions of dollars are being spent on converting systems to handle dates beyond the 20th century. In one of the large Canadian Banks, for example, the conversion for the millenium is the biggest single project within the `Information Systems' division. What has become known as `The Year 2000' problem has made the cover of just about every publication in the Information Systems arena and many of the covers of the more popular publications in the `business' press in general.

There is no problem with Cherniak Software 'PowerDRIVE' systems as they already have full functionality for a 4 digit year built in. All input dates in a PowerDRIVE system allow for the entry of the full 4 digits, and in all cases, dates are sequenced properly so that a date in 1999 always comes before a date in 2001.

For speed of data entry, you are not required to enter all four digits of a year: if you enter only the last 2 digits, the system automatically assumes the current century (or the most likely century based on the context of the date). Also, for brevity, display-only dates (e.g. in reports) are often shown as 2 digits for brevity.

A number of Cherniak clients have already been dealing with years greater than 1999 in specifying (for example) lease ending dates.

Planning properly for the millenium is one of the important things Cherniak Software does in going the extra mile to take good care of its clients in planning for future eventualities. Yet again, Cherniak Software has shown that it knows how to do it right the first time.

Last Updated: March 24, 2017