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HTS Engineering - Feedback from Staff

Among the many comments made by the staff of HTS Engineering about the computer system set up by Cherniak Software to streamline the business were:

  • I used to take 4 hours to pull together a job. Now I can do it in under an hour!
  • It's great! I don't have to waste time hunting around for papers and binders any more.
  • This system is a quantum leap better than what we had before.
  • We can now stay on top of our business the way we want to.
  • The system organizes everything so well for us that the chaos we had gotten used to is a thing of the past.
  • The system reduces my work load for quoting projects tremendously.
  • The system reduces filing time immensely. It ensures that you can always get accurate information every, every time.
  • The system makes local billing a snap.
  • The automatic faxing saves a huge amount of time (especially filing).
  • It allows salesmen to be far more productive at home.
  • I like job registry and use it all the time because it makes my life so much easier.
  • The system makes it very easy for me to stay on top of the jobs in design as they approach `tender' stage.
  • Forecasting is so much easier than before.
  • E-Mail is very useful and used all the time.
  • From working on the system, I find the `Hot Key' function extremely useful, as it allows for quick access to other related portions of the system.
  • I use the `Record Call' function daily and it allows for easy tracking of calls. The `tickler' portion of this system allows for easy follow-up. We all know how the tracking of customer calls is very important for successful collection of overdue accounts, and I have never seen a system that provides the power this one does.
  • A/R enquiry is set up very well as it provides all the necessary information for accounting and collections purposes.
  • When talking to contractors on the phone, we can immediately determine what jobs are closing, etc. Shift to another window and it's easy to check out the Bill of Material in question and have an intelligent conversation about the job(s) FAST.
  • The system is an excellent vehicle to deposit and disseminate information quickly, i.e. without having to leave your desk to get a file and call someone back with the information. In that way, it is an excellent time saver.
  • I find that the system makes my job easier because everyone can access customer numbers and job projects without asking me to do it for them.
  • I love the fact that when we pick up the phone to call you, YOU MAKE US FEEL THAT WE ARE YOUR ONLY CONCERN.
Last Updated: March 24, 2017