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ABC Metal Processors - Feedback from Staff

Among the many comments made by the staff of ABC Metal Processors about the computer system set up by Cherniak Software to streamline the business were:

  • This system has saved over a million dollars in paint alone.
  • We have discovered all sorts of procedural problems that have existed for years, long before the computer, problems that we weren't even aware of -- and we have rectified every one.
  • Now we get the right set of customer part specifications to the line, we no longer have customers complaining that we made something the wrong way, and we aren't redoing jobs or issuing credit notes. And, thank goodness, we don't have the pain in the neck of maintaining those six full sets of 15 binders any more.
  • From the very beginning, the skills of your company paid off for us, even before we had a computer. Some of the modifications we made to our manual systems based on your suggestions led to sizable benefits. It is perhaps this systems ability that has been most helpful to us: while `anyone' can program a computer, not everyone can focus as you have on what the purpose is, on what we want to accomplish, and then determine the best way to make it happen.
  • The information that the system has continued to yield has impressed the various external organizations that have been scrutinizing our inventory management and accounting systems.
  • The system has achieved results far beyond that any manual system could provide.
  • In a fraction of the time it used to take me, I can complete my scheduling and prepare all the information needed by the plant.
  • We now have consistency and accuracy in our estimating -- and it takes so much less time to prepare estimates than it used to.
  • The sales analysis information is dynamite stuff -- it allows me to see so much that I didn't see before, and to build on it to both increase revenue and to take better care of my customers.
  • Most of my customers have commented on how much more helpful we have been to them based on the information we now have at the ready.
  • I can get so much more done now, and provide much better response: I can give the customer all the information he wants when he calls without saying "I'll have to get back to you".
  • It is so much easier to follow up with collections with the features your system provides -- and it even tells me how much I have improved in getting payments in earlier.
  • Making last minute changes to the production schedule is now a piece of cake.
  • Running out of paint part way through a job just doesn't happen any more.
  • Since we have had this system, line utilization is up, quality is better, and scrap is down.
  • It prompts me when anything unusual has happened on the line, and I can act on it immediately.
  • Since we put in the automatic interface to the weigh scale, we don't have any more transcription errors and there aren't nearly as many credit notes.
  • We have a far better feel for scrap now that we consider expected gain due to material added.
  • We have less scrap since the computer started figuring out for us how to slit in order to get the best yield from the material available.
  • What a pleasure not having to type those detailed invoices or customs papers any longer.
  • We don't `lose' material any more -- we get it shipped out -- and billed -- as soon as it's ready.
  • Throughout the years, the members of your staff have displayed a real commitment to rendering the best service possible
Last Updated: March 24, 2017