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Spectrum Health Care - Feedback from Staff

In an evaluation over a year after making the switch from a previous computer system to a Cherniak Software system, the feedback from the staff included

  • Getting payroll out on time is no longer a headache
    • it goes smoothly, quickly and efficiently,
    • it gives us much better information, and
    • it has so much flexibility that we can handle essentially any situation that arises
  • There has been a dramatic effect on my receivables, e.g.
    • invoices are sent out earlier, and therefore we gain on cash flow
    • invoices are more accurate and have all the information with all the detail needed, all laid out in a manner that makes it easy to understand, so
      • we don't get nearly as many phone calls or letters requesting clarification
      • people pay them much earlier; they don't put them away until some later date when they have time to get the clarification they need -- and on those infrequent occasions when there are complaints, we get them much earlier, and get them resolved
    • the tools we have for collection are so helpful we can do much better follow-up, and get it done much more quickly

    The result is that
    • we haven't had to worry about our credit line
    • we are saving thousands of dollars per month re: interest charges/revenue
  • Customer satisfaction is at an all-time high
  • We are getting more orders because people have seen that we can fill them much more quickly
  • People are making fewer mistakes, and we are almost never missing commitments that we make
  • People are not as stressed out
  • People are able to make more intelligent use of their time, e.g.
    • to develop more business
    • to look at ways to improve efficiency with fewer requirements for `donkey work'
  • It takes me 2 days instead of 2 weeks to get my trial balance out after the end of a month
  • It has not only allowed us to reduce staff somewhat; it has allowed us to grow substantially without having to take on new staff
  • We have improved our relationships with our suppliers
Last Updated: March 24, 2017