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Business Solutions

The providing of real solutions, real solutions to real business problems, has been perhaps the key element behind the success Cherniak Software has had in helping its clients improve their businesses. Cherniak has worked closely with each of its clients to understand the business philosophy and the strategies to address them, closely enough to

  • directly address them in the information system that ultimately serves as the nerve center of the organization
  • and to suggest improvements to the business model

Cherniak Software understands that even small improvements in key areas can have a great deal of impact, and further that sometimes only a small improvement can make the difference loss and profit.

Cherniak Software has been able to help many clients make many small improvements by working closely with them to understand the small things they try to do as part of making their business better and then building into the information system facilities to support them - and, in many cases, extend them. As well, Cherniak has major contribution in the suggestions for improvement that it has contributed, based on the innovative ideas of its staff problem solvers and its ability to use a strategy that helped one client to benefit another.

Last Updated: March 24, 2017