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Cherniak Software - Over 20 Years
Helping People Do Business Better

It is no small feat, (especially in the Information systems arena) to reach the 20 year milestone. We are proud of our 'score'.

Over the past twenty years, we have seen change come rapidly, more rapidly perhaps in our field than in any other.

We have witnessed and forged forward through time-sharing systems, through minicomputers with 24K main memory and 5 MB disk serving a dozen or two users, through the birth and phenomenal growth of the personal computer, through miniaturization that allows us to carry in a purse more computing power than could be drawn from a roomful of computer (and air conditioning) equipment when we started. We have supported clients with modems of 300 baud and across networks with speeds of over 10,000 times as much. We have watched operating systems and system development tools evolve from the primitive to the powerful and sophisticated, driven by the constantly increasing demands of users and the remarkable ingenuity of committed systems professionals. We have taken a leading role in the evolution of the user interface from something that was frustrating at best to something that has led our clients to exclaim "I can get done in a day what I used to get done in 10 days". We have watched and been part of the internet growing from the preserve of a few to the broad base of hundreds of millions of users world-wide, and we have deployed on it applications that can be used literally by people around the globe.

The constant is that we have continued to address very directly the business philosophies and strategies of our clients. Our systems continue to serve as the nerve centers of our clients' businesses, helping them more and more to streamline their operations, to improve their quality, to improve their customer service, to control their costs, to see trends and to base their future planning on them. Our systems allow people to work efficiently and effectively and to set their goals higher and higher and still reach them.

We look to the future with great hopes and dreams as we launch a new suite of applications that feature a user-interface that once again puts us at the leading edge. The firm has always put special emphasis on the human side of the human-machine interface, making systems easy to use by applying the principles of Human Factors Engineering. Initial feedback is that our new interface truly is a step ahead. The system development toolset with which the new applications have been built we have highly streamlined and that has allowed us to generate applications and incorporate special requirements faster than ever.

Over the past twenty years, we have had a lot to be grateful for. Most satisfying of all has been the strength of conviction in our clients as they have related what they have called the tremendous benefits our systems have provided, in some cases with quiet assuredness and in some cases with unbounded enthusiasm. We look forward to many more years of being able to make a substantial difference for each of our clients.

Last Updated: March 24, 2017