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The Cherniak Team —
A Profile of Norman Branitsky
CTO, Communications Expert, Analyst/Programmer

Norman Branitsky has played a key role with Cherniak Software since 1987. During that time, he has managed a number of projects and provided the hardware/ third party software/ integration support for many others. His knowledge of and skills in integrating the multitude of diverse technologies available in the marketplace deservedly earn Norman the reputation as a technical guru.

Norman has been extremely successful in looking after all the needs of his clients and making them feel pampered and his gregarious nature has made the process all the more enjoyable for each one of them.

Computer Networking / Communications / Integration
Knowing what is the latest and greatest about whatever you need knowing about, be it hardware, communications gear, operating systems, database management systems, user interfaces, etc.
Installation Planning, wiring systems, telephone systems


Ability to install and upgrade operating systems no matter how complex.
Expertise in getting sophisticated networks up and running and keeping them running smoothly.
Excellent command of `C', Smalltalk, UNIX, NT.
Automated data conversion.
Encyclopaedic knowledge of industry hardware/software trends through voracious journal reading.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, York University.
25 years as an Information Systems professional, in government as well as the private sector.

Set up networks of information systems in many different configurations to satisfy widely
differing needs.

Designed and implemented a major fully integrated application for the tour and travel industry that allowed one tour operator to expand from 50 tours per year to over 250.
Implemented a comprehensive system to satisfy all the requirements of a major national union, one module of which was a `hiring hall' module that stood up to handling over 2500 members looking for work despite the fact that the initial requirement was only for 300.
Norman has been and is an active participant in user groups, e.g. the Smalltalk User Group and UNIX UNANIMOUS. He has a strong interest in Science, with a boundless thirst for `how things work', and likes to steal away to the ski slopes as often as he can.

Last Updated: March 24, 2017