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Animals Around the World
Welcome to animal hotlink central. This Web page is crammed with urls for all kinds of animals: bears, wolves, caribou, otters, alligators, llamas, wombats, cats, dogs, dolphins, jellyfish, corals, penguins.... Grab your mouse and start surfing!
The Buzbee Bat House Temperature Plot
"Holy bat box, Batman! It's the Buzbee Bat House!" One of the most important things that bats look for when they choose a place to roost is its temperature. Check out this graph of the temperature inside a bat house, and drive your mouse batty by surfing the hotlinks!
Charlotte, The Vermont Whale
Could a whale swim to Vermont? You bet it could - if it was a prehistoric whale! Find out how Charlotte the beluga whale got to inland Vermont, how nature preserved her bones until they were discovered in 1849, and what this discovery means to scientists today.
The Electronic Zoo
The Electronic Zoo has got lots of byte. Bytes of information that is! The zoo is hotwired to lots of animal resources around the Net - FTP, Gopher, World Wide Web sites, and newsgroups. It's also a great place to find animal photos and sounds.
Elephant - Facts at Your Fingertips
Get the hard and fast facts on one of the world's largest and most endangered animals. Zip into this site and find out what people around the world are doing to save elephants and what you can do, too.
Endangered Species of Canada
If you want the facts and nothing but the facts on some of Canada's endangered species - sea otters, leatherback turtles, beluga whales, whooping cranes, and cougars to name a few - then point your mouse in this direction.
The Great White Shark
Jump into the Net surf with the great white shark - if you dare. At this site, graduate student Douglas Long explains how researchers study sharks and how they go about identifying individual sharks. You'll also find some great underwater shots of these fearsome predators. Jaws anyone?
Hinterland Who's Who
Here's a fab online index of the who's who of Canadian wildlife. Find out about the habitat, habits, life history, and physical characteristics of loons, snowy owls, beavers, woodchucks, and lots of other Canuck critters. Click away!
Kids' Action: Rainforest Animals
More than half of all the known species in the world live in tropical rainforests. No kidding! Gorillas, jaguars, toucans, parrots, and tarantulas, t name a few. here you'll find out why so many animals live in rainforests, how they manage to live together, how some are becoming extinct, neat animal facts, and more!
Mad About Marmosets
Dr. Suzette Tardif is mad about marmosets. In fact, she's been studying these monkey-like creatures that live in South American jungles for most of her life! Not much is known about these mysterious animals. in this hypertext story, Tardif talks about her research and the little information we do have.
PetStation Kids!
Stop at PetStation and visit the Bird Barn, Cat Cabana, Dog Domain, Fish Fair, Herp Hacienda (amphibians and reptiles), Horse Heaven, Small Mammal Medley, and more. You'll find photos, articles, and tips on your favourite pets. This site is also a great place to meet cyberpals from around the world.
The Raptor Center
No, this is not a center for the velociraptors of Jurassic Park. Here, the word "raptor" means a bird of prey such as an owl, falcon, or eagle. The center's missions to protect and preserve these birds.This site has some cool raptor sights and sounds as well as a raptor fact Gopher that will hold your rapt attention.
Rhinos and Tigers and Bears - Oh My!
What's a baby rhino doing with a bowling ball? A tiger with a barrel? And a bear with a plastic pipe? Playing! In this hypertext article, read about these zoo "animal enrichment" activities and find out what it takes to become a zoologist.
SeaWorld and Busch Gardens
This site is just loaded with cool info about animals. You can look through the Animal Bytes for fast and fun facts and then scan the animal information database for more details. Try the animal sound quiz in which you match sounds with the animals that make them. And if you've got a question about the ocean or marine mammals, you can e-mail it to Ask Shamu.
Whale Watching Web
For a whale of a time, cruise over to this site in Helsinki, Finland. Here you can get the lowdown on whale watching around the world, check out cool whale songs and pics and ride hotlinks to other whale sites on the Net.
Wolves on the Web
This site will make you howl at the moon. It's jam-packed with tons of hotlinks to wolf information o the Net, wolf pics and sounds, and way more. Arrrooooo!
World Wildlife Fund
The World Wildlife Fund is working to preserve plants and animals around the world. Check out their global field notes and news blasts. Go wild!
Zoo Atlanta Home Page
Download these animal sights, sounds, and action clips and you'll be in a virtual zoo all of your own! Photos of cheetahs, zebras, and tree frogs, sounds of kookaburras, crows, and rattlesnakes, and movies of turtles, giraffes, and killer whales are just a few of the goodies you'll find here.
Zoonet links up zoos around the world. Check out its animal photo archives and surf its hotlinks to zoos and animal home pages all around the world.


Ask Betty the Bug Lady
When Dr. Betty Faber was a kid, she was completely terrified of flying cockroaches - and completely fascinated by them. Today she's an insect expert, or entomologist, and a bona fide authority on cockroaches. Send her your buggy questions here.
Ask Dr. Math
Stumped by a mind-boggling math question? Search through Dr. Math's archives for expertly explained solutions to similar problems. And if all else fails, e-mail it to the Swat Team at Ask Dr. Math. They'll deboggle it and send you a step-by-step solution. Swat that!
Ever wonder of mountains are growing? If scientists can predict earthquakes? Or what makes a volcano erupt? Now you can e-mail your questions about earth sciences to Ask-a-Geologist and have a real geologist answer them for you.
Ask Shamu
Do dolphins have larger brains than humans? What was the largest tidal wave ever recorded? How do you train whales and dolphins? Scroll through Ask Shamu Index to find the answers to these questions and others asked by kids. And if you've got your own burning question about the ocean or marine animals, e-mail it to Ask Shamu!
Ask a Volcanologist
If a red-hot question about volcanoes is erupting in your brain. this is the place to spew it. But take a look through the previously asked questions first to make sure your question hasn't already been answered. After you've fired off yur question, take the hotlink to Volcano World. Lava rules!
Ask the Harkster
Got a question about Canadian geography? Send it to the Harkster - the master of Canadian Geography. "Nobody has ever stumped the Harskter"-yet. E-mail away!
How's the Weather, Harold
Ask Harold Vanasse, the chief meteorologist of the Franklin Institute, how the weather is and he won't dodge the question. But he won't guarantee his answer either! Predicting the weather is like trying to predict the unpredictable. You can e-mail questions and messages to Harold and test out the site's weather forecaster to forecast the weather for your hometown!
Jumble and Crossword Solver
Got a pesky jumbled word that you just can't unscramble or a crossword puzzle that refuses to be solved? Then drop by this site and put a computer on the job. Enter the scrambled word (or letter clues) and the computer will generate a list of all the possible words the word could be. The word list is linked to Webster's online dictionary, so you can look up any words that you don't know to see if they match the clues. Whew!
On-line Writing Lab Grammar Hotline
If you've got a question about writing or a finicky query about grammar, e-mail it to the grammar busters at Virginia Tech's Writing Center. They'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Write on!
The Electric Postcard


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Last Updated: March 24, 2017