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Performance Management using ARM

Alacrity Results Management (ARM) -
Integrated Business Intelligence Software That Delivers Results

ARM Feedback, quotes from satisfied users

 Region of Waterloo Letter of Reference

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"Our new system makes complex process information from SCADA easy to access, which improves support for what we do. It helps us make timely decisions on water-system operations and infrastructure, and makes it easier to analyze everything from daily to annual trends for the entire Region's water supply."
Water Services team, Region of Waterloo
"The leading edge solution in performance reporting."
Partner, major consulting firm specializing in performance management for government organizations.
"Such advanced software engines have proven to be very difficult to develop and bring to market. Alacrity Results Management is one of a handful to accomplish this goal."
Ian Gilmour, Partner and Practice Leader, Chartwell Inc.

"The consortium responsible for our $110 million project concluded that Alacrity Results Management was the best fit for our performance and operations reporting requirements. We have been very satisfied with the performance of Alacrity Results Management. One of its great advantages is its ability to be configured by our engineering staff without programmer intervention. As we began deploying ARM, our staff identified other applications for the system such as tracking performance against budget and generating new budgets. This is the advantage of using component based software - you don't need to maintain as many different applications. I would recommend Alacrity Results Management to organizations that need to quickly implement performance reporting and costing. Our overall project is projected to save at least $36 million per year. ARM is a key tool in tracking whether the anticipated benefits and performance improvements of the project are in fact achieved."
Jim Coe, CIO, City of Toronto, TorontoWorks Best Practices Project

"Light-years ahead of the competition."
Founder of a balanced scorecard software company, former partner major accounting firm.
"Unique software. It becomes apparent in the first five minutes."
SVP Budgeting, major global bank.
Last Updated: March 24, 2017