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System Integration

In order to get the most of one's systems, it is vital that the various systems that an organization uses to assist its operations talk to one another. In fact, this has become increasingly important

  • as specialization increases and a company finds itself with more and more systems to address its different needs
  • as organizations have had stronger and stronger communication ties with their suppliers, customers, and business partners, exchanging more and more data electronically
  • as acquisitions and mergers have brought together organizations never mind different ways of doing business and with very different information systems. Special facilities can be provided to specific customers or customer groups.

Cherniak Software has had considerable experience integrating disparate systems, e.g.

  • to help clients with different systems:
    In one case, Cherniak was called in to design a system that would tie together six different 'islands of information' so that all reporting could be done from a single system thus saving the efforts of 40 people who were manually transferring data among the different systems.
    Cherniak has provided effective interfaces to help clients in many other cases, e.g. to interface with retail point-of-sale systems.
  • to help clients communicate with the organizations they do business with:
    Long before EDI became a buzzword, Cherniak was helping clients communicate directly and electronically with the various organizations with which they did business, thus improving the business process for all.
  • to help clients bringing together a set of merged companies with different systems:
    In one case, Cherniak not only made the appropriate interfaces to bring together the data of some dozen different companies for the purpose of reporting to head office; Cherniak also built a database that would support the main philosophy of the company, a central database for all daughter companies to access to determine if there was product immediately available for a given customer (perhaps from a sister company), and thus make sales that could not have been made had there been the normal multi-week delay to fabricate the goods.
Cherniak Software can and will help your organization build bridges that will help it succeed more and more.
Last Updated: March 24, 2017