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Potential Work Opportunities at Cherniak Software

Software Designers and Implementors

Would you like to work with a professional firm that really cares?
Cherniak Software is a first class developer of state-of-the-art custom and packaged application and system-level software using sophisticated fourth-generation development tools. With a 23 year history of building successful systems, we know what it takes to build systems and take care of users' needs.
We are currently seeking to fill positions to expand our software development teams. If you ...

  • have outstanding academic achievements, including a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Engineering or Business
  • are a dedicated, motivated, hard working professional
  • possess excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • enjoy daily challenges
  • can communicate effectively, orally and on paper
  • have experience with UNIX and C and/or Smalltalk (and/or other Object-oriented environments)
  • know modern application software development tools (e.g. DBMS, 4GL and/or CASE tools)
  • have a sense of humour and like to work with people
  • have a strong desire to design, implement, document, and support systems, and possibly consult for clients and manage projects
  • are turned on by the thought of doing great things as part of a crackerjack team developing leading edge technology in a creative smoke-free environment

... then you should be talking to us. Cherniak Software stresses the highest standards in software quality. We offer competitive salary and benefits. Please send your resume with references and transcripts via mail, fax or e-mail to:

    Cherniak Software Development Corporation
    509-2001 Sheppard Ave E
    Toronto, Ontario M2J 4Z8
    Fax 416.798.7948
What's it like to work for Cherniak Software?

Here's a direct quote from the work report of one of Cherniak Software's Co-op Students:

One of the best parts of working at Cherniak Software was the atmosphere at the office. Every one of my co-workers was a pleasure to both work and associate with. Laughter was often heard throughout the office, and everyone got along quite well. Office doors were always open for discussion, not only to lend a hand in professional matters, but to chat over personal matters as well. This homey and familial atmosphere makes Cherniak Software a unique and pleasurable place to work. I always felt very comfortable at the office, and knew that I could call on any of my co-workers for help in any matter at all. Because of this, I can look back fondly on my work term at Cherniak Software not only on a professional level, but on a personal level as well.
. . .
The Co-op Year at Cherniak Software was an educational and fulfilling experience. I was able to utilize and develop my technical and 'soft' skills on many interesting and engaging projects. I was an important part of the Cherniak team, and could see firsthand the impact my contributions made. The people and attitudes at Cherniak Software created an enjoyable atmosphere that was a real pleasure to work in. I sincerely hope that all my future employments will be as educational and meaningful as my time at Cherniak Software.



Initial Evaluation:

Cherniak reviews all submissions in light of its current needs. We appreciate your interest in our firm and your efforts in applying. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond individually to each submission; we trust you understand.

Last Updated: March 24, 2017