"And we, we as men
look upon the sun and dream
of things that might have been,
that should have been,
but that were not."

Treblinka - a place of death...a place of life. the entire camp was razed to the ground. There are no barracks, no crematoriums left. Only the trees remain. It leaves one with a wholly peaceful, and yet somewhat uneasy feeling. To think that nearly one million people died in such a beautiful place is more than disconcerting.

The path to Treblinka - the trees take their sustenance from the soil-
from the ashes within it. After death, life persists.

The beauty of Treblinka is remarkable. The sun bathes us with its soothing rays- serenity engulfs the air that we breathe. The trees loom high above our heads- they will soon be the last witnesses of the events that occured in this place. All these things exist as painful reminders of a forlorn and
not- so-distant past that cannot, will not, be forgotten.

Never Again.

Within the art is concealed an abominable stinging truth.
The voices of Treblinka's lost souls are whispered by the wind.

Henry's account of times past. He imparts upon us the
experiences of those that could not live to tell their tale.

Marissa and Michelle

So many chiseled stones pay tribute to the countless who perished
in Treblinka. Each rock represents a village or city of faceless
Jews condemned to persecution.

A symbolic representation of the mass graves that were in this place.

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