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Ready to Use Systems by Cherniak Software

Over the years, Cherniak Software has developed a number of application packages. All are fully integrated, on-line systems which operate in a multi-user environment, typically serving as enterprise-wide solutions. Among these are:

  • TeamWorks is an application to help build teamwork skills aimed at university students working on extended projects.
    • It is based on extensive research carried out at the Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering

  • The Coach is a time management application aimed at helping students succeed.

  • Alacrity Results Management (ARM) is a powerful product that provides the ability to design and implement an information warehouse quickly, at 10 - 25% of the cost of competitive systems. It is also used for performance tracking / management. ARM is unlike many other systems in that it is configurable by end users without programming skills. ARM's flexibility makes it ideal for today's rapidly changing business environment.

  • RepMaster A complete business solution for the Manufacturer's Rep or any company involved in competitive bidding for complex projects, this system provides the tools needed to be effective and efficient throughout the business cycle,
    • from assembling bills of material to pricing to ensure profitability
    • from tracking bids on a job to managing the sales pipeline
    • from generating and expediting purchase orders to co-ordinating projects
    • from approving supplier invoices to pro-active billing based on progress
    • from managing supplier commissions to managing sales rep commissions
    • from employee time tracking to quota tracking
    • from sales analysis to cash flow planning
    • from collections follow-up to reconciling the bank

  • PowerTRADE: Wholesale Distribution: Assists in all aspects of a Wholesale/Distribution business. The system automates different strategies for the effective replenishment of inventory, and each step in the processing of customer orders from order taking, to filling, shipping, invoicing, and backorder processing. Collection is made easy and efficient with the Accounts Receivables module. In addition, the system collects summary sales data for analysis from several different viewpoints to facilitate planning for the future.

  • PowerBUILD: Manufacturing: Cherniak Software has engineered systems that fully integrate the various activities in a manufacturing environment, from part specifications to estimating, from order processing and scheduling to purchasing, inventory and production control, from shipping to costing and sales analysis with full integration with all accounting modules.

  • PowerLEASE: Property Management: A comprehensive on-line business system designed to help manage properties and the tenants who occupy them. It provides information regarding prospective tenant applications, tenant complaints and tenant histories. And it automates lease processing and accounts receivable.

  • PowerTEMP: Temporary Placement: Our Temporary Placement System helps you keep tabs on employees, take orders, fill orders with qualified available people, get out the bills, collect the receivables, pay your people, and track your placements. Most important, this system quickly and effectively matches employee skills and availability to customer needs.

  • PowerASSOCIATION Membership Management: Keep track of your members and their families — even if in some cases, you have to deal with four different surnames in a single family. Keep an inventory of membership needs (so you can respond to them with appropriate programmes) and members' skills (so that you can take advantage of what each can offer).

  • MOSES (A Membership-Oriented Synagogue Enterprise System):Moses is a comprehensive, fully integrated information system designed to help run a congregation effectively and efficiently. It is based on over 20 years of experience with synagogue management. To see how MOSES can help you part the Red Sea of red tape you encounter so often in running your congregation, read on.

  • PowerPLAN: Project Management: Keep tabs on your projects, who should be working on which project when to meet the deadline date and budget, how actual effort and $ spent and progress made compare to estimated, what goods or materials have been ordered for which project, what billings have been made compared to billings scheduled (with full tracking of change orders), etc.

  • PowerAccountant: Comprehensive Accounting Systems (A/R, A/P, G/L, Payroll): Powerful tools for all accounting functions leading to the production of financial statements. For each company, a separate set of books is maintained: accounts are organized into groups as specified by the accountant. The G/L subsystem gives the accountant complete control over the content and layout of the financial statements. The Receivables module has a built-in system for following up old or large amounts that has helped many companies shorten their collection times considerably. The Payables subsystem assists in the planning of what to pay when in addition to printing cheques automatically or manually. Each subsystem provides complete audit trails.

Each of these systems is characterized by the same consistent easy-to-use user interface and has been successful in improving day to day operations and long range planning for the organizations that use it.
Last Updated: March 24, 2017