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PowerLEASE: The Cherniak Software Properties Management System

As owner / manager of properties, you are faced with many questions:

  • What leases are coming due in the next 3 months?
  • What spaces are available (or will be in 3 months)?
  • Who has options on a given space?
  • Where (else) can I put a tenant with 2500 square feet in order to free his space for a bigger tenant / prospect?
  • Which tenants are A/R problems? what is the history of collection calls made?
  • Paul Brown must be contacted; which tenant does he sublet from or work for?
  • There is a problem with a car with licence plate 12345; to whom does it belong?
  • Have we recouped all our operating expenses?
  • What are my A/P commitments over the next month?
  • What tenants have requested more space?
  • What prospects have we, for which spaces?
  • On what leases have I which special provisions?
  • Which contractors were involved in what facet of which building?
  • Is air conditioning unit X still under warranty?
  • What is the repair history of elevator Y? Should we consider a replacement? a different service company?
  • How well does property manager Z follow up problem situations?
  • What tenant complaints have not yet been resolved?
  • What is my expected cash flow over the next 2 years?

These and other questions you need answers to if you are to run your properties efficiently and effectively.
PowerLEASE, the Cherniak Software Property Management Information System, was built to answer questions like these — and, in doing so, to help you be successful in running your business.
It has not been without good reason that it has been chosen over packages that have been around longer and have a larger client base.
To discuss what PowerLEASE — and the expertise of the professionals at Cherniak Software — can do for you, please call Bob Cherniak at 416.798.7948.
Last Updated: March 24, 2017