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PowerASSOCIATION: The Cherniak Software Membership Manager

Have you been vested with the responsibility for keeping information about the members of your professional association, or community center, church or synagogue, etc.? The various versions of the Cherniak Software Membership Manager can give you the assist you need. It allows you to:

  • Streamline the admission process
  • Keep track of members categories, qualifications, statuses (or `stati' if you prefer), regions, chapters, committees, etc.
  • Publish a directory
  • Keep tabs on your members: be able to find them (address, phone, etc.) quickly, at home or at work
  • Keep your records up to date with a profile to be updated regularly by each member
  • Send out newsletters, mailings, etc. either to your full membership or to a subset (e.g. a committee)
  • Bill your member for dues and other fees automatically, with direct update to the A/R system
  • Collect the receivables
  • Issue receipts, membership cards, tax receipts, etc.
  • Track your purchasing, your payables, streamline all your accounting
  • Make arrangements for conferences and seminars (with registration, name tags, attendee lists, seminar schedules and lists, hotel reservations, etc.)
  • Keep an inventory of membership needs (to be able to respond to them with appropriate programmes) and members' skills (so that you can take advantage of what each can offer) -- your organization will be more successful if you can tap the tremendous potential and get your members working together
  • Conduct a salary survey for your membership
  • Fund-raising: keep track of potential donors, pledges, and donor histories
  • Track the progress of each member through your educational programmes, noting courses currently in process, whether internal or external, with the option of changing membership status (e.g. from apprentice to associate) as requirements are fulfilled
  • Keep all your original records (e.g. originals of member credentials) easily accessible via appropriate indices and even accessible on line via imaging system interface (future)
Associations come in various shapes and sizes, each with its own activities and responsibilities and each with its own information needs.

Each different version of the Cherniak Software Membership Manager is a full turnkey system with an exceptional user interface and may be accessed with the query language and/or report writer of most database management systems. All modules are completely integrated into a unified whole.

Last Updated: March 24, 2017