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PowerPLAN: The Cherniak Software Project Management System

You can make every one of your projects more successful by planning and orchestrating -- and following up on -- your use of your resources, your people, your equipment, your inventory, your suppliers, etc.

With PowerPLAN, the Cherniak Software Project Management System, you will be able to

  • set up projects and a hierarchy of tasks within each project, a hierarchy that will provide for summary analysis at whatever level you would like
  • assign each project to a leader and each task to a main worker/person responsible
  • specify planned start and finish dates for each task
  • make estimates of time needed for each task and optionally, set out which person is to do how much of the work
  • generate `to do' lists for people, lists that indicate not only which tasks are to be done when but also (for each) the amount of
    • slip -- difference between original estimate and adjusted/current estimate
    • time ahead (extra time available) or behind (past current adjusted estimate)
    With this report, tasks can be re-assigned and priorities can be changed and/or estimates re-adjusted.
  • generate various form(at)s of Project Status Reports showing either the status of all projects (by project leader), with or without tasks, or only those projects/tasks that need action (e.g. are behind and need expediting or will be late)
  • enter work done for what task when by whom, with comments -- either by full screen entry or single `command' line -- with full lookup and verification re: existing projects, tasks, work types, with checks against assigning work to inactive projects, completed tasks, etc.
  • enter bills and adjustments against work done for external projects and (as an option) track the billing against a detailed set of charges with planned payment plan -- with full support for change orders
  • track work still to be billed
  • analyze work done in many ways, e.g. by project/task, by worker, at detail level or at summary level
  • print a Gantt Chart to display what is to be done when
  • track changes in target dates
  • track ongoing maintenance/support contracts
  • track Purchase orders by project
  • track disbursements by project, compare to `materials' budget
  • follow-up in a timely fashion as enforced by system. Automatic notifications provided by the system of time not yet logged, projects not yet billed, etc., notifications that escalate to supervisors if the situation is not rectified in a timely fashion
Last Updated: March 24, 2017