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Angels Congregation — Synagogue

Contacts: Gene Autry, Executive Director
Applications: Membership Management
Yahrzeit Management
Pledge/Donation Management
Accounting (A/R, A/P, G/L)
Word Processing
Spreadsheet Planning
Requirement: Angels had felt a need for a computer system to streamline operations and provide membership information to replace an overworked and underpowered single-user Commodore PET \- and they wanted to be very sure that they got the very best possible system.
Solution: Cherniak Software worked with a committee of members to carry out an evaluation of needs. From this investigation, there was identified a need for detailed information about members, detailed information upon which programme planning and future directions could be based.

Cherniak Software adapted and enhanced some existing modules for membership management, and developed some new subsystems to keep records for Yahrzeit management and to send out notices on a regular basis. As well, standard Cherniak Software accounting subsystems were provided and were interfaced with the membership management subsystem. Cherniak Software served as catalyst in helping the congregation to make effective use of the above modules and the word processing and spreadsheet functions, fully integrating them into office procedures.

Cherniak Software also played an instrumental part in the synagogue being awarded a major grant to help defray the training costs involved in implementation.
Result: Angels has confidence in the correctness of its membership and Yahrzeit data for the first time in years, and is beginning to evaluate and enhance its programming based on the demographic data provided by the system. Accounting records are far more up to date than ever before.

With five screens, there is no longer a problem of contention for the system, and it is being used constantly to great advantage.
Last Updated: March 24, 2017