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Blue Jays Steel Processing —
Manufacturers of Pre-Painted Steel

Contact: Joe Carter
Applications: Customized Manufacturing System
Requirement: Blue Jays Steel is a processor of steel, and has heavy equipment that galvanizes, paints, laminates and/or slits large coils. The key to the organization's success is maximal use of that equipment. There is a very fine line between profit and loss: only a small fraction of idle time can be tolerated. It is therefore crucial to have accurate projections of sales by product type for each customer. It is also important to be able to process similar jobs together. Therefore sales forecasting and production scheduling are the crucial applications.

Other requirements include the control of raw materials inventory, the preparation of estimates, the processing of customer orders, purchasing, inventory, shipping, job costing, A/R, A/P, G/L, and Payroll.
Solution: An extremely comprehensive system has been developed which integrates production forecasting, the production line, all accounting functions and management reporting. Initially a sophisticated estimate and quotation subsystem was implemented. Later developments included purchasing, inventory control (raw materials and finished goods), customer order processing, production scheduling, and sales forecasting. All of the accounting functions have been automated through the accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger and payroll subsystems.

Recent developments have focussed on the production line itself. Real-time data entry is being performed by the plant staff. This gives a much more detailed account of the plant's operation. Even the weigh scales at the end of each line automatically feed to the system.

Initially the system was installed on two Data General minicomputers, a S/140 Eclipse and a CS200 Eclipse. Five years later, the hardware was upgraded to a single Data General MV10000. Currently, over 50 screens, 5 printers and two weigh scales are supported.
Result: The computer system has become a vital cog in the organization. Estimates are prepared more quickly and far more accurately. The Production Backlog is more closely controlled, and Production Scheduling is much improved. All accounting functions, especially payroll, are being processed more accurately than before, and in a fraction of the time. Management is extremely pleased with the results.
Last Updated: March 24, 2017