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Braves Calling Services —
Telemarketers / Response Center

Contact: Warren Spahn, President
Dale Murphy, Director, Technical Services
Greg Maddux, Manager, Technical Services
Applications: Communications Setup: HP 9000 G70, 4 PCs running QNX as hubs, 8 PCs running MS Windows 3.1 as restaurant terminals, 4 Datapac lines.
Profile: Braves is a leader in the field of telephone marketing services, providing `phone out' services (e.g. telemarketing) as well as `phone in' services (e.g. answering and dispatching, e.g. order entry, customer service).

In the main office, there are now 500 people (up 400 % from the previous year), supported by an HP (Hewlett Packard) Series 9000 G70.
Requirement: Braves had taken on a contract that was a considerable challenge: to provide telephone answering / order taking / dispatching services on a `pilot study' basis for a new home delivery programme sponsored by a major fast-food chain with several hundred outlets in Ontario, and "billions and billions" of burgers sold. The pilot was to cover four cities, 8 outlets, with an expected 20 calls per hour during the peak.

That the technical expertise required was `cream of the crop' was quite obvious as a number of other firms that had been called in before Cherniak Software had failed.

The challenge was made all the more difficult by an extremely ambitious timetable. Cherniak Software was originally called on May 27 to address a hard and fast deadline of June 6; the contract for a `full' coast-to-coast programme hung in the balance.
Solution: Cherniak Software worked with Braves Data to configure the network and the communications hardware and software. In many cases, ingenious use of technology was the key ingredient as each and every link in the multi-link communications chain had to be strengthened and/or replaced.
Result: The deadline was met - the communications setup passed all the client's tests.

Cherniak Software's reputation as system integrators par excellence was enhanced: Having seen a number of other firms run up against show-stopping roadblocks, Braves made a number of comments re: how amazed it was at how quickly the Cherniak Software engineers were able to come up with a workable plan and carry it out, and how quickly they were able to overcome the many obstacles that arose along the way.
Last Updated: March 24, 2017