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Buccaneer Metal Processing —
Steel Cutters, Stampers, Formers

Contact: Captain Bligh, Quality Supervisor
Applications: Customized Manufacturing System with Shop Floor Production Control
Inventory Control (from Raw Materials to Finished Goods)
Sales Analysis
Requirement: Buccaneer Metal Processing does heavy duty cutting, forming and stamping,
mostly for customers in the Automotive sector.
With some very high powered equipment,
Arcon cuts blanks from steel sheets up to 1" thick
and then forms and/or stamps the blanks to fabricate a number
of products, axles being the highest volume.

A key to the organization's success is the ability to provide comprehensive information to customers, especially with regard to the traceability of steel from process to process.

A second key to success is the tracking of quality records, so that the causes of rejects can be addressed and minimized.

Another key is maximal use of the equipment. It is therefore vital to have a good handle on % downtime and the most frequent and costly causes of downtime so that they can be addressed and minimized if not eliminated.

Other requirements include the processing and printing of ship bills and invoices and the control of inventory, both raw materials and finished goods.
Solution: A very comprehensive system has been developed for Arcon Metal Processing. It integrates production orders, scheduling, instructions to line operators, the recording of production, the receiving of materials, the tracking of inventory, the shipping of finished goods, the invoicing of goods sold, and the tracking of accounts receivable.

The recording of production includes the recording of product made, pieces rejected, parts used, and the association of which parts were used in the fabrication of which pieces.

For every skid (or rack, or whatever) produced, the system prints a bar-coded ticket that not only shows the Arcon name, address, and logo, but also part#, description, # of pieces, weight, supplier#, serial#, customer PO#, traceability information (e.g. coil#, heat# for materials used), etc. The ticket not only conforms to AIAG standards; it also is weatherproof and has a tear-off that can be used in the shipping process to provide part of the audit trail of what has been shipped.

A number of management reports are available.
Result: The computer system has become a vital cog in the organization. The paperwork the company produces is far more complete and accurate and the presentation to the customer is much easier to read and more professional. The company has a much easier time maintaining traceability information and it is much more accurate. Production people have indicated that 'the paperwork' associated with doing the actual work is less painful now than it was before. Management is amazed at just how much is shown on the management reports, Information is available on a much more timely basis and there are substantial time savings.
Last Updated: March 24, 2017