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Giant Rolling Stones Inc. — Diamond Distributors

Contact: Willie Mays, President
Leo Durocher, Chairman of the Board
Applications: Sales and Consignment Order Processing for Loose Stones and Finished Jewellery
Purchase and Repair Order Processing
Product Costing and Inventory Management
Jewellery Manufacturing
Sales Analysis
A/P, A/R, G/L
Financial Reporting
Sales Analysis
Requirements: Giant Rolling Stones imports and distributes loose diamonds to jewellery manufacturers and manufactures jewellery, on a contract basis, for retailers. In 1988, they were struggling with a system that could not keep pace with their rapid growth, and software that had them months behind in their accounting. They began looking for a system that would manage their entire business, from the consignment of loose stones to contract production of jewellery to detailed accounting and inventory management. The system had to deal with the unique requirements of the jewellery business, including fluctuating gold prices and the grading of diamonds. The system had to be easy enough for each employee to use, yet flexible enough to perform the wide variety of tasks which Giant encounters on a daily basis.
Solution: Cherniak Software performed a requirements analysis, where Giant's needs were outlined clearly. A plan of action was adopted. The consignment of diamonds was the first area to automate, along with the accounting subsystems. Cherniak Software developed a system based on the SuperTRADE package, to manage Giant's diamond inventory and interact fully with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger subsystems.
Result: The system was installed in the spring of 1989, and within a few months, the diamond department was functioning smoothly on the system. On-line reporting told diamond brokers an accurate status of a customer's inventory and told them exactly where particular stones were. Performing a consignment inventory count now consisted of printing two or three reports, instead of a two-week ordeal with paper files. Receivables summaries were accurate and up-to-date. Basic processing of finished jewellery orders was added, and the system began to grow.
Update: Following the success of the diamond department system, Cherniak Software proceeded automate the rest of the business. A shift in focus from loose stones to finished jewellery precipitated the development of a Product Costing subsystem. A Purchase and Repair Work Order system completed the management of finished jewellery. The next project is the integration of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which will allow Giant to receive orders directly from their main customers' computers.

Cherniak Software has played a very active role in helping Giant manage its business, minimize clerical mistakes, make employees more efficient, and meet new challenges as they arise. Detailed discussions with both staff and management have ensured a system with a custom fit. The system has grown from seven users to over thirty. Cherniak Software's patient assistance and hands-on approach to requirements analysis have been important keys to the success of the system.
Follow Up: In March 1991, in an effort to ensure better financial management, Giant contracted their accounting function to Arthur Andersen and Company. Arthur Andersen performed an analysis of the system to decide whether to replace it with a system of their own, as they do with over 90% of their `outsourcing' clients. They found, however, that the system was performing quite admirably, and suited Giant very well.

Cherniak Software has continued to work with Arthur Andersen to come up with effective solutions to the issues that affect Giant's business. The relationship continues to grow.
Last Updated: March 24, 2017