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City of Marlin
Water and Waste Water Services

Client: As a publicly owned and operated utility, City of Marlin Water and Waste Water Services supplies water and sewage treatment services through 4 water filtration plants and 4 sewage treatment plants to the City of Marlin.
Applications: Performance Management configured using Alacrity Results Management (ARM)

The City of Marlin Works and Emergency Services Department embarked on a Best Practices Program to transform their Water and Wastewater Services Division into a competitive public business. The goal of the this program is to re-examine existing functions and operations and to identify and implement "best practices" that improve the delivery of services as a business-driven, public utility. A focus on performance assures that these practices are measured and continuously improved.
Any performance management system provided would need to provide at least these high level objectives:

  • Provide information relevant to operators, middle management and executives in both tabular and graphical form
  • Provide easy navigation tools to find the various pieces of information needed by its wide variety of users
  • Accept information in real time from process control machinery
  • Support security control to protect sensitive information
  • Be scalable to support large numbers of datapoints (currently 3000) each entered on an hourly or a daily basis
  • Be configurable and modifiable by non-programmers
Solution: A configured performance management system based on Alacrity Results Management (ARM) was implemented as part of the implementation.

The system can be viewed at the operations level to analyze plant process performance and at a management level to track overall performance trends. These performance center "dashboards" give utility managers and operators the tools for ongoing continued performance improvement and are based on measures of efficiency, quality, and effectiveness at each level of the performance framework.

The system has met or exceeded all the requirements.  The implementation (consisting of 8 major systems, including ARM), provided the ability to increase efficiency:

To date, cumulative cost reductions of more than $65 million ($Canadian) have been realized and reflected in the 2002 budget, and annual savings are expected to reach $36 million per year upon full implementation of the project. Cost reductions come mainly through reductions in payroll, energy, chemicals, and parts.

Last Updated: March 24, 2017