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Oriole Health Care —
Agency Providing Nurses & Homemakers

Contact: Cal Ripken
Applications: Client Order Processing
Temporary Work Placement/Scheduling
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
General Ledger
Requirement: With orders and changes coming in, often at the last minute to replace regular workers suddenly taken ill, Oriole Health Care needed a system that could help placement co-ordinators fill a need with an available worker with the appropriate skill set extremely quickly, in many cases while still on the telephone with the customer. In addition, they had to be able to efficiently process the payroll and put out detailed bills and follow up on collections, both direct and those paid by the government and other agencies. Before coming to Cherniak Software, Oriole had done an extensive search of the market looking for appropriate software. The search proved fruitless: they found that nothing existed to satisfy their requirements.
Solution: To meet their needs, Cherniak Software developed PowerTemp, a system that tracks employee availability and allows employees to be quickly matched to customer needs as they come in.

The system sports a sophisticated display that makes it easy to
  • see at a glance where an employee is at any time (available, busy, or booked into a particular job)
  • take client orders with detailed requirements
  • fill client orders, perhaps with split shifts if necessary, with employees with the appropriate skill set to match the need.
The key to the system's success is the algorithm that allows an employee to be matched to a client order based on employee skills and client specific needs. The matching algorithm can be adjusted or tweaked to help find the `best' match when there are many (by strengthening the match criteria) or to help find some match, perhaps not an ideal match, if there seems to be none (by weakening the match criteria).

PowerPay, the Cherniak Software standard payroll system, was able to meet the payroll requirements. Data is transferred to it automatically from the PowerTemp Billing module, as it is to A/R as well.
Result: The business is now fully operational on the system. Oriole has been able to do more business based on its ability to fill an order on the initial phone call because of the ability to find a match quickly. Staff feedback has indicated a host of other benefits achieved (see separate write-up).
Last Updated: March 24, 2017