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Padres Care Homes —
Retirement and Nursing Homes

Contact: Tony Gwynne, Director, Human Resources
Applications: Payroll
Human Resources
Benefits Package Administration
Requirement: With 25+ facilities across the country, each with half a dozen different unions and a separate collective agreement with each union in each facility, Padres Care Homes had a horrendous problem dealing with all the different provisions and putting out the payroll in a decently efficient way. They had licensed and implemented one system, but even after pouring substantial funds into it over a period of close to two years, they could not get the results they wanted. In particular, they could not get the flexibility they needed with the security that the system would ensure that the right rules were applied in the right situations. Moreover, they needed far more than they had in the way of facilities to support the human resources function, an area that was taking on more and more importance in the business.

Before coming to Cherniak Software, Padres Care had done an extensive search of the market looking for appropriate software. Many potential vendors had been identified.

As the selection process continued, it became clear that the level of flexibility found in many packages was not enough to serve the need, and therefore they were eliminated. There were only one or two vendors with the level of functionality needed, and they were major players with very high price tags.

While the Cherniak Software systems did not fill the bill, Padres Care liked the functionality they did have. Moreover, they were quite impressed with the style, the user interface, the modularity, and the comprehensiveness of the reporting and audit trails.

There was a movement among a number of the members of the 15 person selection committee to ask Cherniak Software to develop the enhancements need to suit Padres Care. Among other members, however, there was a fear that any development would take too long and a fear that the requirements would not be addressed sufficiently closely, as they were quite complex.

In a series of exercises put together to test the level to which different vendors could understand and address the requirements, Cherniak Software came through with flying colours and at a speed that had the most doubting of the committee members impressed.

Based on that demonstrated performance, and on the confidence in and the rapport developed with the Cherniak Software professional staff, the leaning of the group was to choose Cherniak Software: it was felt that, while the other companies may have been major players with most extensive and impressive client lists, no one could address the Padres Care needs as well as Cherniak Software.
Result: Just as the committee was in the final throes of making a decision, the project was put on hold due to a possible sale of Padres Care Homes. The sale ultimately went through and the project was never continued, as the buyer, already in a similar business, was content to go forward with the systems he already had in place.
Last Updated: March 24, 2017