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Ranger Auto Rentals —
Automobile and Truck Rental Agency

Contact: Nolan Ryan
Applications: Automobile and Truck Rental
Fleet Maintenance
Vehicle Order Entry
Credit Card Capture
Requirements: This internationally known automobile rental agency had been working with a package specially designed for and marketed to the auto rental business. While the package satisfied most of their needs, there were a number of enhancements Ranger Auto felt so important, considering both operational efficiencies and competitive strategies, that Ranger Auto felt compelled to add on to the package themselves when these features weren't brought into the package as upgrades. Also, data communication between the head office minicomputer and the branch offices was slow, unreliable, and expensive.
Solutions: Cherniak Software made a series of enhancements to the software, some as modifications within the software package, some as add-on modules. Among these were included:
  • A new Fleet Maintenance program with extra financial information.
  • A new Order Entry program to record requests for new cars and trucks.
  • Enhancements to collect more information for upload from rental locations to head office.
  • Collection of Fleet Utilization Statistics: Creation of a program to summarize daily fleet utilization statistics to be included with regular head office uploads.
  • A module to record credit card usage, including `preferred customer' credit cards, automatically recording information via magnetic stripe readers.
  • Re-design and development of the software to manage communications between head office and the branches. This is expected to result in improved efficiency, reliability, and reduced transmission expenses.
Results: Ranger Auto has been sufficiently happy to continue to ask for more enhancements. In fact, it is considering a major new software development project, and has indicated that it will give strong consideration to doing so with Cherniak Software for this vital project.

As a result of the project to revamp communications (currently in progress), the reduction in long distance costs alone is expected to be at least $30,000 per year.
Last Updated: March 24, 2017