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Tiger & Cub — Chartered Accountants

Contact: Al Kaline
Ernie Banks
Applications: Work in Process / Accounts Receivable
General Ledger / Financial Statements
Tax Calculation and Optimization
Financial Forecasting
Word Processing
Requirement: This active C.A. firm had been frustrated by delayed and inflexible reporting, by the lack of control, and by the large masses of paper inherent in the service bureau approach.
Solution: Cherniak Software designed and implemented a system to match the specific requirements of the client in his most important activities.
Result: The time accounting has made the firm much more current on both billings and receivables. Moreover, the client accounting system has dramatically affected the practice: one senior partner in particular used to spend almost the whole month preparing monthly statements for one large set of clients; with the system, he finishes in four or five days. Indeed, the new system has been a powerful tool in the acquisition of new business.

Since the initial installation in 1978, the practice has moved twice, the software has been enhanced, and the hardware finally upgraded in 1983. The office has become almost totally automated. A terminal is at the right hand of each C.A. in the firm. The remarkable productivity of the firm is largely attributed to the system.
Last Updated: March 24, 2017