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Twins Inc. —
Manufacturers of Environmental Systems
to the Aerospace Market

Contact: Harmon Killebrew, VP Marketing
Applications: Proposal Tracking System
Requirement: Twins, Inc. is a leader in the aerospace industry, specializing in environmental control systems for airplanes. The main task of the Sales and Marketing department is to prepare proposals for new systems, a daunting task considering the complexity of the products and services Twins offers. In order to accurately prepare a proposal, input is required from various departments in the company, each estimating the cost of its contribution to the proposed system. The estimates are then compiled and presented in the form of a proposal. Requests for modifications of existing systems are also handled in a similar way, but generally on a smaller scale.

This process was handled with a paper form called a Proposal Authorization and/or Quotation Request, or PAQR for short. The paper PAQR form had existed for over thirty years, and could not adequately manage the resources involved or communicate requirements quickly or in enough detail. A computerized PAQR system was the answer, but Twins's own systems department was overworked and lacked the expertise to get the job done to everyone's satisfaction.
Solution: Cherniak Software performed a detailed requirements analysis. Representatives of each department were interviewed, and a Prototype System Specification was prepared. Cherniak Software then developed a system prototype to match the specification.
Result: The system prototype was completed. A detailed PAQR on the computer screen allows proposal managers to schedule tasks to allow target dates to be met. Extended comment files, integrated within the application itself, permit users to describe in detail the focus of the PAQR, the customer's needs, and other information required `to complete the big picture'. Ad hoc enquiries quickly put important information in the hands of the people who need it. Electronic mail prompts users when their input is required, and daily status reports help managers meet target dates.

The system prototype was completed in just over one month, and once again each department was asked to comment. According to Twins staff, the prototype handled every aspect of the PAQR process. In particular, the system was seen as something that could help each of them sort through the huge amounts of information that confronted them daily, and allow them to focus in on what required their attention, and when. Tony Olive, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, described the system as "an order of magnitude beyond what they had expected" in its ability to streamline the PAQR process.
Update: Following the preparation of a detailed Specification, the system was implemented and is currently in use by the Sales and Marketing department. A connection to the company's enterprise-wide network is scheduled, so that all departments will have direct access to the PAQR System. Interfaces to other Twins systems have been developed, and will become automatic when the system goes online to the network.

Cherniak Software's high degree of professionalism, along with its ability to design and implement customized software quickly and economically, makes the project an ongoing success.
Last Updated: March 24, 2017