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Yankee Engineering —
Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Equipment

Contact: Babe Ruth
Applications: Bid Tracking
Project Management
Sales Order Processing
Agency Sales
Service Management
Fax Management
Electronic Mail
Word Processing
Requirement: Yankee provides HVAC Equipment to the building trade, especially large facilities. It must respond quickly and accurately to its customer base, especially when it comes to supporting its contractors in making competitive bids when things get hot and heavy in the final hour before a bid is due. There was a need to manage projects carefully to optimize profitability and cash flow, and to track complex commission transactions, both with the company for whom Yankee acts as agent and among the various companies internal to the Yankee group.

The equipment selection process is highly complex and very demanding, in that a wide variety of equipment is available to address given requirements; various equipment selection computer programs -- some provided by the manufacturers -- had to be combined and integrated into the main systems to streamline operations.
Solution: Cherniak Software not only provided excellent software to meet all the needs, complete with windows-based graphical user interface, but also orchestrated all the many components -- applications running on a main UNIX box, applications running on PC's, fax subsystems, applications communicating with suppliers' systems via EDI, access for staff from home via modem, etc. -- into a fully-integrated enterprise-wide whole, with data being dynamically shared among the applications on the various machines.
Result: Staff have enthusiastically embraced the new system. It has allowed them to be more prepared and therefore respond more quickly in bidding situations, with a better grasp on profitability so that there are no surprises after a bid is won. It has allowed them to be more efficient and more effective in managing projects. The fully integrated nature of the system led to greater accuracy, savings in time, and, most important, the easy and quick availability of information to the people who need it when they need it.
Last Updated: March 24, 2017