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Some Quotes from Cherniak Software Clients

"The new software your team developed for us ... represents an excellent example of professional performance. From the assistance in defining the specification, to training our key people, selection of hardware, and implementation, this project was handled in an exacting, friendly, and thorough manner.
The system is an order of magnitude beyond what they had expected in its ability to streamline our operations."
"It never ceases to amaze me how far ahead of the pack we were and still are." "Our client accounting system allows us to present to our clients a suite of accounting reports and analyses that goes far beyond what most accountants provide to their clients, analyses that have paid off for our clients in helping them see how to improve their businesses." "We are ahead of the pack not only with our application software but with our use of technology as well."
It's nice to know we've had people we could count on looking after us."

"Your system has been just great; it had to be the bargain of the century.
It has allowed us to handle 4 times the business without a significant increase in staff."
Many many more quotes from Cherniak Software Clients

Some Letters From Cherniak Software Clients
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HTS  Engineering Ltd. "It is an outstanding system that is completely in tune with our business and really makes our business hum..." Read more

Regional Municipality
of Waterloo
Water Services Division

"The TIS has enhanced the planning and operation of the Region's system by making valuable data readily available... information can be viewed at multiple levels." Read more
Nadler & Company "It never ceases to amaze me how far ahead of the pack we were and still are..." Read more
Spectrum Health Care "I am so impressed with how powerful the system is. We are able to process our orders quicker and get back to our clients so quickly that we are filling a higher percentage of our orders..." Read more
Allied Signal "(Your work was) all completed with a degree of professionalism that is rarely found with consulting companies..." Read more
Tilden "Your system will allow us to reduce inventory levels and increase profit margins..." Read more
Ash Gear & Supply "This is the type of professional service that stays in memory because it was done right and managed well." Read more
LowePro "We are certain that, whatever your system needs, Cherniak would provide you with a top quality product and support it with excellent service..."
Read more

Some Quotes from Cherniak Software Prospects

  "Yours is the first system I've seen truly understands our business."
"That Payroll system of yours does everything ours does, and more -- and it's far more user-friendly."
"You guys knew all the right questions to ask to focus in on the issues that matter to us. I thought I knew my business well beforehand, but now I understand it so more clearly -- and now I can see how your systems are paying off for us."
Many many more quotes from Cherniak Software prospects

Last Updated: March 24, 2017