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Quotes from Cherniak Software Clients

"Your organization distinguishes itself with being a true business partner and I find that an invaluable commodity."
"The work you did for us was all completed with a degree of professionalism that is rarely found with consulting companies. I was quite impressed by your hard work, expedience, and diligent effort in completing all of our projects."

"From the very beginning, the skills of your company paid off for us, even before we had a computer. Some of the modifications we made to our manual systems based on your questions/suggestions led to sizable benefits. It is perhaps this systems ability that has been most helpful to us: while `anyone' can program a computer, not everyone can focus as you have on what the purpose is, on what we want to accomplish, and then determine the best way to make it happen."

"This business has really become exciting since we started using the Cherniak system."

"Again you and your staff came through when we needed you .... special thanks to Norman for working even while in such pain so soon after surgery. You guys continue to perform way above the call of duty."

"I just had my first opportunity to use the notes facility. I found this facility intuitive and the concept is great. Good work.

"I am so impressed with how powerful the system is. We are able to process our orders quicker and get back to both our clients and staff so quickly that we are filling a higher percentage of our orders."
"We are able to process our billing and payroll faster, and with much greater accuracy and with less headache. Our A/R information is always up to date, and that has made collections far easier than in the past."
"In dealing with each member of your staff as well as yourself, we have found your organization to be conscientious, hard-working, and dedicated to making the system work."

"Bob commanded an excellent ability to hone right in on the issues that were key to this company, and proved his true worth as an information (systems) systems consultant, as did several of his key staff. I was left with the impression that the entire staff there were professionals, and over the course of all our work together, this was only further re-enforced."
"I feel we got value for our money."
"I was greatly impressed with the care and attention given to details such as nuances in the interface."
"I would not hesitate to recommend them to any business acquaintance of mine looking to improve the effectiveness of his business through better information management."

"The software is very complete. I am impressed with the way you are able to easily accommodate our needs for `non-standard' modifications to the software, to deal with some of our difficult requests."
"All the Cherniak Software staff we have dealt with have always been extremely helpful, professional, and courteous. We are very pleased with the level of support we receive."
"Thank you for the system. I give it my highest recommendation."

"The system has served our needs extremely well. It is very reliable and requires relatively little maintenance and support."
"It has allowed our administrative staff to manage ever-increasing levels of business without getting bogged down with orders or system overloads."

"Cherniak Softwarewere of excellent service to us during the crucial planning and installation of our system."
"Our Cherniak Software systems work extremely well for us in our business of importing and distributing photographic equipment, both in Canada and the U.S.A. We would confidently recommend it to any company. We are certain that Cherniak Software would provide a top quality product and support it with excellent service."

"You have facilitated our Association's computerization by acting as our computer consultant, both during procurement and implementation. There is no doubt in our minds that your impartial advice has played a significant role in the development of a high quality system."

"We had been looking at getting a computer for about 5 years. It wasn't until Cherniak Software were recommended to us that we actually put the wheels in motion. You took us by the hand and showed us all the possibilities. The silk glove treatment has never stopped and the training has been excellent. Cherniak Software is certainly one of the most cooperative and hospitable companies we've ever had the pleasure of dealing with."

When I started looking for a computer system, I heard all kinds of horror stories. I'm delighted to say that our case was one of unqualified success. All Cherniak Software personnel with whom I came into contact were refreshingly ethical, reliable and competent in all stages of negotiation, installation, support and program maintenance."

"The end product was customized to our specified needs within the timetable we gave you. The transition went very smoothly. The training of our staff was very effective. I do not believe we felt it possible to be running `live' with this program seven days after installation!"

"I'd like to commend you on your prompt support for the SuperPAY Payroll program. You get on the phone and you stay there until the problem is rectified. The only thing I'm more impressed with is the Program itself."

"I am writing to commend you on the fine job you've done of implementing our Time Accounting/Client Accounting EDP System. We are constantly amazed at how quickly we have become accustomed to the system and how easy it is to follow the flow and patterns of each facet of the programme."

"I've been through three packages in three years and SuperPAY far exceeds the others in its friendliness and accounting foresight."

"We've looked at over 80 Distribution systems, and we've never seen one with anything close to the richness of functionality and generality and power your system has."

"Our president would kill for that!"

"We have been reaping the benefit for many years of many of the innovative programs which you initiated and which are now just being recognized by the rest of the market as desirable features."

"The information that the system has continued to yield has impressed the various external organizations that have been scrutinizing our inventory management and accounting systems particularly."
"The programs have achieved results far beyond that any manual system could provide."
"Throughout the years, your partners and other members of your staff have displayed a commitment to rendering the best service possible."

"You guys knew all the right questions to ask to focus in on the issues that matter to us. I thought I knew my business well beforehand, but now I understand it so more clearly -- and now I can see how your systems are paying off for us."

"The installation has gone much smoother than we had anticipated."
"Our staff is especially enthusiastic -- we all find the system most helpful. Order processing has become much less a chore, our inventory records are up-to-date and accurate, our receivables are under tighter control, and our sales analyses have been most beneficial in determining future requirements."
"It's nice to be able to deal with a firm of true professionals."

"We have been very pleased with the quality of the software, the response to our questions and occasional problems, and the experienced and competent team at Cherniak Software. Team is the key word as we have the confidence that we are always well cared for. It is comforting to know that we have the expertise of Cherniak Software backing us up, for a fraction of the cost to keep even one full time MIS employee."
"You came in on budget and without any significant problems."

"We now finish in less than a week what used to take us over a month -- and we deliver a far better package to our clients."
Last Updated: March 24, 2017